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Вариант 7. Задание B11-16 (26-31)

Being a teacher


Without a doubt, teaching is one of the oldest



B11  and one of the most _____ . To be a good                      CHALLENGE



B12  you need certain qualities such as _____ , un-              MATURE

understanding and patience. Teachers must also

be good communicators if they are to convey

knowledge to their students. Language teachers

in particular have to be aware of all the skills



B13  need to communicate _____ with others.                       SUCCESS


B14  As well as being ______ to students’ needs,                  SENSE

teachers also need to be helpful and approachable

while at the same time maintaining high

standards of discipline in the classroom. Perhaps

most important of all, teachers need to keep


B15  themselves well-informed about current _____           DEVELOP

in their field and the world in general in order to

give their best. However, although it can be difficult

when teachers


B16  find themselves _____ to help students outside         ABLE

of the class, they constantly try to help everyone

in the class.



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