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Вариант 8. Задание B2 (11).

  1. The passionate type
  2. The bony type
  3. The brainy type
  4. The muscular type
  5. The criminal type
  6. The plump type
  7. The happy type
  8. The quarrelsome type


                                             Face to Face


  1. They often have a pear-shaped head. They are intelligent but can also be absent-minded. They like to spend time at home where they can think in peace and quiet. Most of the time they are either thinking, studying or sleeping. They remain single or put off getting married till later in life.
  2.   They are well-built and courageous and they do not lack self-confidence. They are easily insulted and get angry quickly. They are quite hard-working at school or at work, but without overdoing it. They enjoy the simple life. They do not often become rich.
  3.    They are a bit overweight. They are adaptable and know how to do a good job, though they are not very energetic. They are easy-going and get on well with people. They often do well in business. On the negative side, they can occasionally be self-centred and insensitive towards others.
  4. They tend to be thin. They are inflexible and do not change their ideas easily. They are usually honest. They take their time doing things and do not learn quickly. Their thin lips suggest a certain coldness or hardness of character. They often make good farmers, engineers or administrators.

Е. The full, fleshy lips and the prominent jaw are usually signs of sincerity, warmth and strong emotions of the romantic variety. These types are outgoing and sociable. They often get married young. Although they may not shine, they will do well both at work and at play.

  1. The distinguishing feature of this type is that the width and height of the face are roughly the same. They give the impression of being melancholy. They are usually red-faced and look healthy. They have large, dark eyes and bushy eyebrows. They have a wide nose and a large mouth. These types are tough and determined, even aggressive. They strike first and ask questions later.
  2. This type has a triangular face with a wide forehead and a very narrow chin. They usually have even well-shaped features, except for their mouth, which will be either too small or too big. Their eyes are large and often very dark. Their nose is narrow at the top but has wide nostrils. Their personality is bright and cheerful, but they can also be tense and edgy. They think a lot and take in a lot of what goes on around them.






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