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Вариант 8. Задание B11-16 (26-31).

Disappearing Languages


Many of the world’s languages are disappearing

at an alarming


B11 rate due to the political or _____ reasons. It is               ECONOMY

estimated that as many as half of all known lan-

guages may disappear by 2100. The appearance

of some elements of a language is a natural result

of the passage of time,


B12 but now that we all live in a _____ village, this              GLOBE

process is speeding up. And a language is an es-

sential part of a people’s culture,


B13 if one disappears it is a terrible _____ for all the           LOSE

humanity. Sometimes local languages co-exist

with the dominant language,


B14 but they are ______ replaced as older speakers            EVENTUAL

die and younger ones adopt what they consider

to be the more useful tongue.


B15 Although interest in language _____ is on the               PRESERVE

rise, many people have an equally strong interest

in stamping out minor language.


B16 It is essential, therefore, for language _____ ,              COMMUNE

language professionals and government to work

together to try to stop them from doing this.



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