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Вариант 8. Задание B4-10 (19-25).

Mary, queen of Scots, was one of the most fаs-

cinating and controversial monarchs of the 16th

century Europe. Hеr physical beauty and kind

heart were acknowledged even by her еnеmiеs.

Yet she lacked the political skills to rule in Scotland.

Her second marriage was unpopular and ended

in murder and scandal.



B4 her third was even _____ and ended in forced ab-      POPULAR                   dication in favor of her infant son.


B5 She fled to England in 1568 _____ for the help of       HOPE

her cousin, Elizabeth I. Her presence was dange-



B6 for the English queen, who _____ Catholic plotting    FEAR

        on Mary’s behalf. The two queens never met and

Mary remains imprisoned for the next nineteen



B7 She ______ in 1587, only forty-four years old. By        EXECUTE

       orders of the English government, all of her pos-

sessions were burnt. In 1603, upon Elizabeth’s

death Mary’s son became king of England as

James I. Certainly the end of her life marked the

beginning of her legend.


B8 The Cathlic nations which ______ her behav-               CONDEMN

       ior during Darnley’s murder and the marriage

to Bothwell now celebrated her as a martyr.


B9 Her former brother-in-law ______ a funeral mass       HOLD

at Notre-Dame. Accounts of her execution, illustra-

ted by crude woodcuts, were sold throughout

Europe. She was now the sympathetic heroine;


B10 the past could _____.                                                       FORGET




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