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Вариант 1. Задание: A22-28

In India landmark law which makes education a fundamental right for all children between 6 and 14, has come into A22____ but many challenges lie ahead in ensuring access to education for all in the country with the world’s large number of young people.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh make a rare address to the nation to A23____ his government’s commitment to ensuring education for all children.

The Prime Minister, who came from a rural area and went on to do a doctorate in economics at Cambridge, recalled his A24___ story to emphasize the importance of putting all children in school.

‘I was born in a family of modest means in my childhood I have to walk a long A25___ to go to school I read under the dim light of a kerosene lamp I’m what I am today A 26___ to education. I want every Indian child girl or a boy, to be so touched by the light of education’, said Prime Minister Singh.

The right education bill makes it legally enforceable to demand A27___ and compulsory primary education for all those between 6 and 14.

Prime Minister Max is promising enough funds to ensure access to schools for all children irrespective of gender or social category according to estimates the government will need 38 billion in the next 5 years to A28___ the act

A22 1) effect 2) accordance 3) order 4) effort

A23 1) influence 2) afford 3) effect 4) express

A24 1) own 2) oak 3) aim 4) ore

A25 1) speed 2) rate 3) period 4) distance

A26 1) according 2) due 3) down 4) because

A27 1) fee 2) free 3) fair 4) fire

A28 1) employ 2) adjust 3) implement 4) offer

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