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Вариант 1. Задание 11 (B2)

1Improper behavior

2 Some privileges

3 Too high demands

4 Different reasons and styles

5 A doubtful benefit

6 Amazing enthusiasm

7 Taking care of the environment

8 Unexpected danger


  1. some disabled people have a special card they use when they park their cars. these are called disabled placards. They are removable signs that can be hung from the rearview mirror of a car, these placards are only supposed to be for disabled people, these placards are meant to help disabled people in a number of ways, they allow the person to park in special parking spaces They can also be used when dropping off or picking up a disabled person, a disabled person can even use it to park without having to put money into meters
  2. flying on a plane can cost a lot of money. Now is a good time to buy plane tickets at a low price. Many airlines are selling cheap tickets, but you need to be careful, the tickets may not really be a very good deal. These cheaper plane tickets come with many rules, if you do not follow the rules you may have to pay more money.  People need to be very careful when buying these tickets. You need to be sure that you want these tickets before buying them. If changes need to be made it will cost a lot of money,
  3. Many years ago, Craig Breedlove set speed records. He raced across flat land made of salt.  He went as fast as 600 mph in his special car.  Now he wants to go the speed of sound. He has built a car with a jet engine.  He will try to go 765 mph on land he will ride in a five wheeled hot rod.  His wife Marilyn and the crew leave with the project 24 hours a day.  it has taken 23 years to get this idea made into a car. In early October he will learn if his idea works.
  4. A city in California recently got some new busses. The new buses are different from the old ones they are called hybrid buses.  They run on diesel and electric power. This will help keep the air cleaner here. One bus driver said that the air smells much cleaner when he drives the new busses.  He smells diesel all day when he drives the old ones.  the company that built the busses had many good things to say about them.
  5. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) workers in San Francisco went on strike. They are some of the highest paid transit workers in the country. They want raises of 5% to 6%, BART managers say they can only pay a 3% raise.  BART’s 93 miles of track and the 56 trains serve the whole San Francisco Bay area, none of the trains will run during the strike.  Union leaders and Bart managers were trying to settle the strike. They met with the mayor.  they talked all night, but after 3 days they still have not settled the strike.
  6. More than 600 riders from 25 countries compete in the bike Messenger world championship. A lot of riders like the competition.  Some of the riders think that if they win, they will be able to get a job Europe anywhere.  Some rider is just like being there.  They have a lot of fun and meet other riders. there are many types of riders, some riders have the tattoos, some of them have pierced body parts, some have wild hair styles, others have a closed haircut. They were two participants with only one leg, but all of them wanted other people to be aware of what they do
  7. Air rage is when a passenger on a plane gets mad and starts acting badly. Sometimes angry passengers yelled at the flight attendants, flight attendants have had foods thrown at them some of them have even built graft and heat. it can be dangerous to have a passenger that is out of control on a plane. Airline workers want something to be done to protect everyone. Workers want the airlines to train them better to deal with angry passengers. They also want to have equipment available to restrain abusive passengers.




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