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Вариант 7. Задание B4-10 (19-25)


B4  People in the UK are used to _____ excellent               HAVE                             customer service in the shops and


B5  are not used to doing things _____ . We saw a           SELF

TV programme about IKEA. The main idea of it

was a bad customer service, inconvenience cus-

tomers suffer putting furniture together.


B6  All _____ complaints looked ridiculous to us.              THIS

        Manuals from IKEA on assembling furniture are

so clear that a child can do it.


B7  They contain no words at all – just ______ steps        DETAIL

       on how to assemble it.


B8  I remember___ hall furniture in our apartment          ASSEMBLE

       in Russia. 30% of holes were not matching

and I had to drill holes with a bigger diameter or

at different angles to put pieces together.


B9  The mirror was much______ than the place for          BIG

it and I had to drill new holes and cut metal shelf

holders to make everything fit. It took me a week.

I am sure that many Russian people have the

same ‘nice’ memories about assembling furniture.


We bought a bookcase with several shelves in

British IKEA once. ‘Cheap and cheerful’ as people

say. I assembled the thing in 15 minutes.



B10  Every hole was exactly in its place, it _____ easy      BE

to assemble it even without instruction manuals

just using common sense. So, we are very

pleased with shop services here and don’t under-

stand why people complain.



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