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Вариант 6. Задание B4-10(19-25)

Wheel of Fortune


B4  Since moving pictures _____ a century ago, a new     INVENT                         way of distributing entertainment to consumers has

       emerged about once every generation.


B5  Each such innovation _____ the industry irre-            CHANGE

versibly. Each has been accompanied by a period of

fear mixed with exhilaration. This may sound famil-

iar, because the digital revolution, and the explosion


B6  of choice that would go with it, _____ for some        HERALD



B7  What nobody is sure of is how the digital revolution AFFECT

       _____ the economics of the business.


B8  New technologies always _____ within them both    CONTAIN

       threats and opportunities.


B9  Once television _____ widespread, film and radio     BECOME

stopped being the staple form of entertainment. And

as power has shifted the movie studios, the radio



B10  and the television broadcasters _____ .                       SWALLOW UP




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