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Вариант 6. Задание B11-16(26-31)

British Food


Many people are under the impression that

British food is awful.


B11  It is said to be _____ and cooked badly, so the              TASTY

idea that Britain has some of the best restau-

rants in the world is


B12  usually met with roars of _____ . However, per-           LAUGH



B13  this is a little _____ .                                                               FAIR


B14  There have been some wonderful _____ in                    IMPROVE

recent years. There are now many excellent

restaurants serving high


B15  quality dishes that have been very _____ pre-             SKILL

pared. Also, many British chefs now have

Michelin stars, which are only awarded to the

world’s very best chefs.

A good variety of food is available these days,

too. In other words, the food being served isn’t

just French gourmet. There has been a huge

rise in the popularity of traditional British dishes.

Fortunately, are gone the days when the only

things on the menu were boiled vegetables and

stewed meat!


B16  So, the next time you get a chance, be _____              ADVENTURE

and try some real British food. You just might

find that it no longer deserves its terrible reputation.



























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