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Вариант 6. Задание A22-28(32-38)

The Third of May 1808


When Napoleon’s army occupied Madrid in 1808, Goya soon discovered what an army of occupation means. On the second of May, the Spaniards tried to A22 ____ up some resistance and there was a riot in the Puerta del Sol. Some French officers made a few shots from a hill above the city. The officer in A23 ____ then ordered the cavalry to shoot at the crowds in the square. The following night he set up a firing squad and shot A24 _____ who happened to be within easy reach.

It was the beginning of a massacre which stamped itself on Goya’s mind. He expressed the horror he felt in the most A25 _____ anti-war painting of all time. In ‘The Third of May’ he shows what happens when men in A26 _____ lose control. In a stroke of genius, he contrasts the soldiers, with the straight line of their helmets and guns, with the disorganized panic of their target. The Spaniards are helpless – crowded together like animals. In A27 _____ of the firing squad they cover their eyes or pray. In the middle of the picture, a man with a dark face throws up his arms in terror, his white shirt dominating the A28 _____ picture. The scene is lit by a lantern on the ground; a hard, white box of light which contrasts vividly with the tattered white shirt of the man.


A22 1) make                  2) put                      3) take                 4) get


A23 1) charge               2) attack                 3) power              4) office


A24 1) anyone              2) them                  3) someone        4) these


A25 1) strong                2) scary                   3) powerful         4) terrible


A26 1) costume             2) army                   3) guns                 4) uniform


A27 1) front                   2) face           3) fear                  4) opposite


A28  1) total

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