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Вариант 5. Задание B2(11).



  1. Far from big cities
  2. Back in the past
  3. You should not worry
  4. Restrictions
  5. National colour
  6. Put on warm clothes
  7. Meal inclusive
  8. Journey in the sky


  1. If you’ve never tried while water rafting before, this is a great place to start. Once your instructor has briefed you, prepare to get soaked on this wet and wild adventure. You’ll head through the rainforest, battling rushing rapids and conquering obstacles as you go. If adrenaline-pumping action tops your wish list, don’t miss this one. This excursion is not recommended for pregnant women or for those with severe physical disabilities. Children over 14 years old may participate under the responsibility and direct supervision of a responsible parent or a family member.
  2. Discover Majorca on a journey through its amazing Tramuntana mountains. Stop at hidden villages, quaint towns and beautiful ports. The quaint village of Soller is perfect for relaxing and soaking up the local atmosphere. Explore the cobbled streets or sit in the pretty square and be absorbed into typical Spanish life. The highlight of the day is the Orange Blossom Express, which chugs its way through orange and lemon groves and pine-clad mountains.
  3. Ephesus is one of the Turkey’s must-sees. Set in hills above the coast, it’s one of the world’s best-preserved Roman cities. So visiting it is like being thrown back in time. Check out Hadrian’s Temple and the Great Theatre. This acoustically perfect Amphitheatre is where St. Paul preached and it’s still used for performances today. Then it’s on to the House of the Virgin Mary. The legend says that Mary settled in Ephesus around 37 AD, spending her last years in a house here. It’s now long gone, but a chapel marks the spot.
  4. If you ever fancied trying scuba diving, here’s your chance. It’s a half-day course that lets you enjoy diving with experienced instructors. First, we’ll pick you up from your hotel for an introductory briefing. Then it’s time to practice breathing under water on a fun training dive. Once you feel at home with everything, it’s on to a proper shore dive around a shallow reef, so you can view the exotic fish and beautiful corals that make the Red Sea such a diving mecca. There’s no need for nerves either — your instructor will accompany you at all times, talking you through everything and showing you the marine life.
  5. The ancient region of Anatolia makes most of central Turkey and its folklore has shaped much of the country’s wider culture and customs. And this world-famous show tells you the story of its past through the medium of dance. Ballet and acrobatic modern dance acts all backed by swirling Turkish music and drumming. Add dazzling lighting and costumes and you’ve got yourself a show you’ll never forget. Look out especially for the fastest dances. ’Fire of Anatolia’ holds the world record for performing the most dance steps in one minute — 241 to be precise.
  6. If you’re craving a real adventure, this half-day quad bike safari is right up your street. We’ll take you to a ranch where your convoy of rugged quads is waiting. Put on your helmet and gloves, let an expert show you the ropes and settle into the saddle of your very own bike. You’ll then snake your way around golden dunes and barren foothills in a group on your way to the stunning ’Mountain of Gold’. At the Bedouin tent, you’ll stop for a barbecue lunch.
  7. Here’s your chance – a thrilling 10-minute helicopter tour that lets you see its southern shores in all their glory, from above. As your pilot makes final checks with the control tower, you’ll shiver with excitement as your safe and comfy copter whirrs high into the air. You’ll fly first to Degollada Las Yeguas for views over the breathtaking Fataga valley. Then hold your breath as you bank south to trace the coast. Gaze at the golden beaches and hotels of Playa del Ingles laid out like Lego.






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