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Вариант 5. Задание A22-28( 32-38)

Making a good impression


Think about what it is like when you meet someone new. After a short time, you can A22 _____ if this person is someone you would like to know better. You can quickly sense if he is someone that would fit in A23 _____ you and your friends. If he doesn’t fit in, you probably will not spend more time with him.

Managers have these abilities too. Managers see many job A24 _____. Their first impressions are formed by what they see and sense in you. If they don’t like what they see, they probably will not A25 _____ you, no matter what your skills are.

Your appearance is one of the basic things that form an impression. It makes a A26 _____. If you look neat and clean, the impression is that you take pride of yourself and your work. If you look dirty and unkempt, the impression is that you may be a sloppy worker. What should you wear? Dress in the clothes you would wear on the job. Business people should wear suits. Workers should wear work clothes. Make sure your clothes are clean and A27 _____.  Your shoes should be clean and shined. When interviewing for a job, you want to look good and smell good. Do not put on A28 _____ perfumes or colognes. Avoid alcohol, cigarette and onion or garlic breath. Your body and breath should be clean and fresh.


A22 1) determine         2) demonstrate     3) decline      4) declare


A23 1) at                         2) without               3) after          4) with


A24 1) applicants         2) interviewers      3) leavers      4) losers


A25 1) fire                       2) hire                      3) allow         4) propose


A26 1) movement        2) statement          3) payment   4) development


A27 1) set                        2) pressed               3) fixed          4) fashionable


A28  1) heavy                2) expensive           3) strong       4) smart


































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