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Вариант 4. Задание B11-16 (26-31)

Mary Errey created a board game called «Word Up»

for learners of English. Now she explains where the

name of the game came from. There was a hit song

called «Word Up»


B11 in the 80s by an _____ group called Cameo.                  AMERICA


B12 They were African Americans and _____ the                  APPARENT

phrase was part of their particular idiom, and still

is I believe. It’s used either as a sort of general

greeting, especially among men,


B13 or as a way to indicate _____ with someone. So, this   AGREE

was how I first heard it, and when I was trying to

come up with a name for the game it got added to

the list of


B14 _____. And in the end, it seemed like the best one       POSSIBLE

I had. It had reference to language, obviously, but



B15 sound too _____ or                                                                  BOOK


B16 _____. It was short and simple, so thought it’d be        ACADEMY

easy to remember, and it had a positive ring to it.

So that was the one I settled on.



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