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Вариант 3. Задание B4-10 (19-25).



While she slept, she had a dream. She dreamt

that the Neverland had come too near and that

a strange boy

B4 _____ through from it.                                                       BREAK


B5 He _____ her, for she thought she                                 NOT ALARM


B6 _____ him before in the faces of many women        SEE

        who have no children. The dream by itself would

have been a trifle,

B7 but while she _____ the window of the nursery       DREAM

blew open, and the boy did drop on the floor.

B8 He _____ by a strange light. I think it must have       ACCOMPANY

       been this light that wakened Mrs. Darling. She

started up with a cry, and saw the boy, and some-

how she knew


B9 at once that he _____ Peter Pan. Mrs. Darling           BE

screamed, and, as if in answer to a bell, the door

opened, and Nana entered. The boy leapt lightly

through the window. Mrs. Darling ran down into

the street and she looked up, and in the black

night she could see nothing but what she thought


B10 was a _____ star.                                                              SHOOT







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