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Вариант 1. Задание 19-25 (B4-B10)

B4 One-night Mrs Alison Wood ____ her car from   DRIVE

Brighton To Hove. Suddenly she saw an orange light in the sky.

B5 The car started to shake and Mrs Wood _           NOT CAN

Control it. Some unknown power lifted it, then pushed to the left.

B6 then stopped the engine and__the lights.         SWITCH OFF

B7 “There__three figures inside” said Mrs Wood. BE

The three figures were the crew of the UFO

B8 Mrs Wood said that she_so frightened           NEVER BEEN

Before. Then an alien came out of the UFO. He was quite tall and seemed to be about forty-five years old. He had long hair and a short beard.

B9 He __his arm on the roof of the car.                  PUT

B10 Mrs Wood was afraid that the alien ___ her       KILL

But he only looked at the car instruments.


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