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Вариант 1. Задание 10 (B3)


the theory of evolution says that all living things on Earth, A____come from a common ancestor by slowly changing down the generations. Darwin suggested that the way living things changed over time is through natural selection. This is the better survival and reproduction of those B___. Fitting into the place where you live is called adapting. Those who feed best into the place where they live, the best adapted, have the best chance to survive and breed. Those who are less well adapted C____. If they do not survive well enough to raise young, that means they do not pass on their genes. In this way, the specious gradually changes.

the first chapter of the’ Origin’ deals with domesticated animals, D____. Darwin reminded readers of the huge changes mankind had made in its domestic animals, which were once wild specious period the changes were brought about by selective breeding choosing animals with desirable characters to breed from.  This had been done generations after generations, E_____. Perhaps, what men had done deliberately, might happen in nature, where some would leave more offspring than others.

Darwin noticed that although young plants or animals are very similar to their parents, F____ and there is always a range of shape, size, color and so on. Some of these differences the plant or animal may have got from their own ancestors, but some unusual and caused by mutations.

1 including plants, animals and microbes

2 tend not to survive

3 such as cattle and dogs

4 it would have a better chance to survive

5 that best fit for their environment

6 not two are exactly the same

7 until our modern breeds you’re produced




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