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Медведково ЕГЭ №9. B11-16

Преобразуйте слова напечатанные черным шрифтом так, что бы они соответствовали нормам английской грамматики.

Framed wooden houses

B11 The ______ and strength of frame and wooden cottages are no less inferiot to the houses made of brick and          DURATION
B12 concrete. In such country houses achieved a reasonable balance between the heat______, moisture                 INSULATE
protection and breathability of the walls, which has a positive effect on human health.

B13 In wooden cottages of the frame structure one can any heating systems along with other facilities that are        INSTALLATION
typical for any modern house.

B14 Operating costs and _____ the cost of heating of these houses are twice as low as in brick or concrete                  SPECIAL
buildings, which is very essential nowadays when energy prices keep growing.

B15 The structure of framed houses provides you with seismic______ of up to 9 points. The estimated lifetime           RESISTANT
of such cottages is over 75 years
B16 Such houses can be raised within 3-5 months with the help of 5-7______ without heavy mashines.                  BUILDING


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