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Медведково ЕГЭ №7. B11-16

Преобразуйте слова напечатанные черным шрифтом так, что бы они соответствовали нормам английской грамматики.

Computer Addiction

В11. Excessive computer use can become
really_______ . And we are not talking only about playing computer games.  ADDICT
B12. Wireless connection to the cyberspace has made the world more available to_______ people making them to withdraw

into an artificial world of communication.                                                                  GRADUAL
B13. Lots of teens think virtual world more inviting than their everyday reality.

This of course leads to_____effects.                                                                           DESIRABLE

B14. Teenagers become irresponsible in their everyday lives. Computer addiction makes them play truant

from school classes and their main_______ .                                                         RESPONSIBLE
В15. Computer addicts become isolated,
anti-social and__________ of dealing with each other directly.                      CAPABLE
B16. Their lives become________                                                                            AIM
without going online to check their email or to chat, and they become totally dependent on their computers

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